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2014 Garden

I wasn’t really planning on doing a garden this year.  Actually, what I was really hoping was that I would be doing so well after getting a new kidney last fall that I would be starting a garden as part of my triumphant recovery.  However, as I am still waiting for “the call” that did not happen.  This spring I was left with the dilemma of whether to start the garden and run the risk of abandoning it mid-season, or even worse not starting the garden and not getting the call.  The thought of sitting around all summer, waiting for a call that never comes, while staring at bare dirt where tomatoes, beans, and peppers could be growing is worse than not being around to see the end of season.

With that in mind, I began amassing my vegetable army…

DSCN1816Tomatoes (Green Zebra, Willamette, and Roma) and Peppers (Jalapenos, Banana Peppers, and Pepperoncini)DSCN1804Snow PeasDSCN1806BeetsDSCN1811Rhubarb and ArtichokeDSCN1869 Raspberries and StrawberriesDSCN1873 Herbs–chives, sage, oregano, curry, and thymeDSCN1874

PotatoesDSCN1883 White onionDSCN1884 CucumberDSCN1886 Radish, lettuce, and spinach



I have everything finally in the ground and except for some successive plantings of lettuce, radish, and spinach, I have everything growing that will be grown this year. Now even if I don’t get a new kidney this summer at least I have my garden!


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