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FoodSaver Fun


My usual Sunday morning routine is to turn the TV to QVC as I make a late breakfast of pancakes and eggs or pan-fried sliced potatoes and a fried egg (as long as there’s tons of carbs!).  From 9am-12pm here on the west coast In the Kitchen with David is on and I enjoy watching him pitch the countless kitchen gadgets I don’t know how I lived this long without owning.  I am not always immune to David Venable’s selling powers, however, and that was evident a few weeks ago when he had this FoodSaver on.


But wait! There’s more! It came with 2 rolls of customizable bags, 2 wine stoppers, quart bags, and gallon bags!  Now on EasyPay with free shipping!  The feature that pushed it over the edge was the fact that I’ve never seen it in red before (and my kitchen appliances are mostly red) and I’ve coveted one of these for at least a year.  It also has a vacuum hose attachment that for $10 at Bi-Mart I bought a jar sealer attachment so I can vacuum pack mason jars.  Brilliant!


One of my biggest kitchen peeves is that I never seem to go through lettuce fast enough before it turns to gelatinous goo.  We do eat salads fairly often, but I’m often undone by my desire to get a good deal and buy the larger amount because it’s a better value, so the greens often decompose faster than our consumption rate.  However, just like the FoodSaver commercials say, “air is the enemy of freshness” and what better way to prolong the life of lettuce than by vacuum packing?


The arrival of the FoodSaver came at a great time, too.  My aunt and uncle moved from out-of-state to about an hour away from me and just 2 weeks later my aunt broke her ankle.  She broke both lower leg bones, requiring 2 surgeries and will have to be off of it for almost 6 months.  I decided to help the best way I knew how, by cooking.  I made some dinners-baked ziti, chicken divan, shepherd’s pie, vegetable beef stew, chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a rhubarb pudding cake-and sealed everything up with the FoodSaver and froze them all down.

DSCN0829DSCN0824I bought the foil containers at the dollar store, which came with lids and 3 or 4 to a package.  The FoodSaver couldn’t be more simple to use.  It comes ready to go right out of the box, all I had to do was plug it in.  The quart and gallon bags just slipped into the bag feed and the FoodSaver automatically vacuum-packed the bag and sealed the end.  It took me longer to find a sharpie to write on the bags than it did to vacuum and seal them all up!  The jar sealer attachment was equally simple.  The instructions say to leave a 1″ headspace, place the jar attachment over the lid and attach the hose.  Press a button and it sucks all the air out of the jar, sealing the lid.  So far, my lettuce greens have been vacuum-packed for 8 days and are still good-no lettuce goo in sight.  I take a sealed jar of greens to work and another container of toppings and have an instant salad for lunch.

I can tell this handy little machine is going to be put to the test when the garden starts producing in earnest!  The FoodSaver was by far the best purchase David Venable has persuaded me to buy!



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  1. I know you are new to blogging and I like to be helpful. I noticed you don’t have the “reply moderation” turned on for comments left on your blog. The comments show up automatically. You might want to fix it so that junk or spam comments don’t get through to your blog.

    Do your comment settings so that all comments are held for you to approve or deny before they show up on your blog posts. Go to your dashboard, look down the line of things in the box on left side, click on settings which is near the bottom, then click on discussion. This will bring up a place to make changes about how your blog comments are handled. Be sure to scroll through and read them all. Check the features you want to keep and then be sure to “save” before you leave that page. I don’t require the people who comment to have an account but I do want to read before everyone else does. Hope this helps.
    Na Na

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