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Jar of Sunshine (aka: Preserved Lemons)

At the top of my DIY food list for the longest time has been to make a jar of salt preserved lemons.  The ingredient list couldn’t be simpler–kosher salt, lemons, a jar with a lid, and time.  However, it has taken me months to get around and do this.  I’ve been seeing references to them everywhere lately, too.  The very first winter extension service class this year featured a Moroccan tagine that included them and several food blogs I follow have mentioned them or recipes that include them.  So when I was out grocery shopping and saw a bag of lemons I finally grabbed them with the sole purpose of preserving them.  Lemons are so appealing right now because it’s that frustrating part of the year where it’s not quite spring and they provide a ray of hope for the growing season that lay ahead.  They are like little pieces of sunshine that brighten the kitchen and just plain make me happy when I look at them.  Yellow is my favorite color, so I’m sure that helps, too!

Back to the lemons…I had 7 of them.
Wash well (since you’ll be eating the peel) and cut into quarters, but not all the way through the bottom. Kind of like you have a lemon flower.
Fill the cut lemon centers with kosher salt and cram into a jar and I do mean cram! I fit 6 into this jar, but it took some force and squashing of lemons.  The final lemon I juiced and topped off the jar with the juice.
Into the fridge (with a lid and ring, of course) and Part 2 of this saga will continue in 6-8 weeks…


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