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The Garden 2013: Before

I’m starting to believe that groundhog knew what he was talking when he predicted an early spring.  After gaining an hour of daylight this weekend, spring fever is building.  Sunday  I planted daffodil and tulip starts (I meant to plant bulbs a long time ago, but that didn’t happen as planned).  The next thing on my garden to-do list is to prep the raised beds.  I have 3 total—1 big one (10’x15’) for veggies,


1 small one (10’x4’) for strawberries and raspberries,


and a medium one (6’x8’) for perennial veggies (currently asparagus, artichoke, and rhubarb). 


Only the small one was present when we moved in and over the course of 3 years I (and the hubby) put in the other two. 

I’ve been neurotically checking the perennial bed to check on the rhubarb and asparagus and although there is no activity on the asparagus front, the rhubarb is starting to peek out through the leaf layer.


 I can’t wait to taste it!  I’m already envisioning strawberry/rhubarb jam and pie.  Also, witch’s hair, which is what my mom called a brew she made us when we were kids.  It is just rhubarb and sugar simmered on the stovetop in a saucepan.  The rhubarb breaks down into almost an applesauce consistency (but a bit stringy-hence the hair name), and is sweet and tart from the rhubarb and sugar.  Mom would serve us warm bowls of the stuff after Grandma harvested some rhubarb.  

I need to get started on the cool weather crops like peas.  Karl, my dachshund, loves peas and has already started to poke around the garden looking to harvest.  So far he has contented himself with grazing on the new grass and rolling in the worms and other slimy creatures he finds in the sunny lawn.  Do your 4-legged friends “help” in the garden?






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