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Food Swap Success

My first food swap is in the bag!  I’m now the proud owner of 2 dozen fresh eggs, watermelon syrup, spiced apples, grape jelly, marionberry jelly, and fig/apple butter!  I’m not sure how this is how all food swaps work, but I’ll tell you how this one worked.  Everyone showed up at about 4 and set up there wares.  For each type of item we filled out a piece of paper that had our name, item name, ingredients, and notes on how to use it if needed.  Below that was a blank list where people who were interested could put their names and suggestions for swapping.  Everyone milled about eyeballing everyone else’s goods for about 45 mintues and then the swapping began!  I was pleased that a couple people with fresh eggs wanted my jam so I have plenty of eggs now.  I’m seeing fresh pasta in my future!  I was also pleased to find the watermelon syrup.  I wanted to make some myself last summer, but just keep eating all the watermenlons I bought!  The woman with the fig/apple butter had a jar open and poured over goat cheese to taste and it was divine.  I traded her a jar of red onion jelly for a jar of that spread. 

Overall, it was a pleasant and fun experience that I will do again when they have the next one in the summer.  There should be a lot of goodies then when tons of produce is available.  It’s always interesting to see what others make with the bounty out there.  There were two different types of body balm, artisan bread, potpouri, granola, and even a few tinctures of oregon grape, and st. john’s wort (although I’m not sure what you’d do with those).  The only thing I wish were different is that although over 40 people had committed to attending only 14 showed up.  Maybe not a lot of people had leftover canned goods at this time of year and the attendance will improve for the summer swap.  I’ll definitely be there to find out!


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