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Foodie Magazines

My new year’s resolution this year was to stop buying so many cookbooks.  I told my husband that if I wanted to buy one I had to have a documented need for it; literally make a case for needing it.  In 2 months, I’ve bought 3.  Ah well, I didn’t really think that particular resolution would last long anyway.  In addition to my cookbook obsession, I also subscribe to 4 foodie magazines.  Some people eagerly await the latest celebrity gossip, but I stand there grinning like a fool at the open mailbox containing whichever of the latest foodie mag. 

Yesterday, it was Cook’s Country that elicited a squeal of glee when I checked the mail.  I resisted subscribing to this magazine at first, but this is perhaps my favorite of the 4.  It contains a lot more recipes than Cook’s Illustrated (which I also get in addition to Cooking Light and Saveur), and recipes of food I’m more tempted to cook.  I cooked Brussels sprouts for the very first time from their Oct/Nov 2012 issue.  My Thanksgiving sweet potato dish came from that same issue-no more marshmallow-covered mash for me!  Right now I’m drooling over their picture of Lighter Brighter Potato Gratin and on the opposite page is a recipe for Soft and Tender Biscuits.  Carbs of any form are a particular weakness of mine! 

Magazine subscriptions add up much like compulsive cookbook-shopping, but I have found a cheap solution—the St. Vincent de Paul (a thrift store).  Magazines are only 50₵ and now I have quite a collection of Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and have rounded out my collection of Saveur and Cook’s Illustrated.  If you subscribe to (or pick up at your local thrift store) any food magazines, which one is your favorite and why? 


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