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March BlogHer Challenge

Have any bloggers out there heard of or participated in the BlogHer Challenge?  In a nutshell, the goal is to blog every day.  They provide a theme and weekday prompts (weekends are for free-writing) and March the theme is risk, but there is no obligation to stick to their theme, just write something every day.  Since I am new to the blogging world, the challenge of daily writing is an intriguing and one I want to do anyway.  However, I’m dubious about blogging daily.  I write a lot more than goes on the blog and most of it will never leave the confines of my computer’s hard drive. 

But my reluctance to post something I write every day fits in with the theme of risk and the first question of the month: “Do you think it’s better to play it safe or to take risks?”  Ordinarily, I take the safe route every time.  I’m cautious by nature and when faced with anything new I tend to study it to death (read books on the subject, consult experts, message boards, etc) before taking action.  However, writing is different.  Writing is subjective and deeply personal.  There may be experts on grammar, sentence structure, and the technical aspects of writing, but as for your own personal blog space and content you’re the expert.  I’m hesitant to commit to blogging daily as what if I have an off day and post something awful just for the sake of posting something? 

I suppose that is the risk involved.  I know that not everything that I put to paper (or computer screen) is Dickensian-quality prose, but I’d like to think that every post I feel compelled to put on the blog has a purpose.  However, I can see the virtue of writing daily to set a pattern in my mind of being able to take the time (a hard enough feat on its own) and write-think creatively, and even just free-write whatever’s rattling around in my brain.  I’m not writing Shakespeare; right now I just need to get in the habit of writing. 

I could probably prattle on for awhile on the topic as it has got me thinking, but I have made up mind that I will blog daily and if some days I read back at what I wrote and cringe I can still be pleased that I took the time and made the effort. 


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